Monday, October 20, 2008

Day 367 : Barrel of Laughs

Sadie -

A few fun moments with you today:

1. Tonight at dinner you grabbed your milk cup, swung your head back, and let out a muffled "yuummmmm" as you slurped the coldness down.

2. Later, you were hanging in my arms. Mom was across the table and asked "Who is that?" as she pointed at me. You stuck your finger out to point at me and then pronounced, "DAaadaada!"
I smothered you in kisses!

3. I was putting socks on you before bed. Mom leaned over and you pulled your finger out of your mouth and stuck it in hers. You repeated this process several times.

You are such a blast!

- Dad

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Day 366 : Boys and Cats

Sadie -

Tonight we went over to have dinner with my friend Keith from work and his wife Sarah. They have a little boy who is almost exactly 6 months younger than you (meaning that for right now, he is half your age!)His name is Henry and you guys were both fascinated by each other when you met. He kept grabbing your shirt while you were busy trying to steal his teething ring.

Henry's family also has a house cat, something you have never been exposed to before. This made you uncomfortable. You held tightly to any part of me you could find (usually the leg of my pants) whenever the cat came near.

It is all right. Your mom is allergic to cats so we won't ever own one!

- Dad

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Day 365 : It's Your Party...

Sadie -

The big party Mom and I have been excited about for weeks was today!

After your afternoon nap (which you really didn't want to take... you must have known we had something special up our sleeves!), the three of us went to beautiful Brown Park, just a few neighborhoods away, and were met by your Aunt Amy, Cousins Jasmine and Josh, Great Grandma Gee, Dee Dee, Pops, and Uncle Joel.

We played on the playground for awhile. Your Grandpa (Pops) and I were having fun pushing you on the "zip line." It is designed for much older kids, but you were loving just holding on to it tightly and letting us push you.

After we played, we opened gifts. You sat between my legs while Cousin Jasmine brought wrapped-up boxes and gift bags full of surprises for you to demolish. You got a LOT of stuff - a shape sorter from your cousins and Aunt, blocks from your Uncle. You got sweatsuits and a book from Grandma and Grandpa and a special plate from your Great Grandma - not to mention all of the cool stuff Mom and I got for you. We didn't give you the lego blocks today, though. You can open those on Wednesday!

For dinner we ate vegtable soup. Then came the cake and ice cream. You had never seen these items before. You examined them both, then picked up a whole glob of the cold ice cream and shoved it on to your face and into your mouth. It was HILARIOUS!

Today was awesome!

- Dad

Friday, October 17, 2008

Day 364 : School Trips

Sadie -

Usually mom takes you to school, but once every couple of weeks, for some reason or another, I will take you. It is extra driving for me, but I really love the extra time I get to spend with you.

Tonight after school, I picked you up and we met your mom at our favorite pizza place in our neighborhood. You were really tired, but had enough energy to scarf some peporoni down. As usually happens when we are at this restaurant, we met another family with a little girl. You waved and smiled lots. You have always been good at helping me meet new people (just because folks want to talk about how blue your eyes are or how cute you are), but now you are starting to enjoy the new-people-process yourself - especially if they have kids!

- Dad

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Day 363 : Super Secret Shopping Trip

Sades -

When you went to sleep tonight, your Uncle Joel came over and stayed with you so your mom and I could sneak out for a bit. We are throwing a small family birthday party for you on Saturday and wanted to go together to get you gifts. We wandered the aisles through several stores, picking things, putting them down, discussing and debating. On our third store we found you Lego blocks, a train that matches the toy truck your friend Lori got for you, and a purple stuffed kangaroo that I found and am sure you will like. Mom already got you some wooden puzzles she found a few weeks ago.

When we got home, we hid your presents upstairs, even though you wouldn't really know what they were if you saw them. We are just so excited about this big event and we want to show you how much we love you!

- Dad

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Day 362 : Eichen Jr. Burger

Sades -

Mom went out to dinner with some work friends tonight, so you and I had another D3 (Daddy Daughter Date).

We went to Sonic and I ordered you your own jr. burger. You looked at it kind of funny at first, not sure of what to make of the fluffy bread smashed on top of meat with yellow sauce (mustard!), but a few delicate bites in and you were sold! You ate quote a lot of your sandwich (as usual!)

We ate at a park really close to our neighborhood that we had never been to before. It was really nice and well-landscaped. There were no swings your size, though, so we spent our after-dinner time walking the trail around the park. There were lots of folks exercising and many stopped to say "hi" to you, or at least grin while they passed.

Near the end of the trail I started running while pushing your stroller. You seemed to enjoy the high speed chase!

- Dad

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Day 361 : Happy to See You

Sadie -

I sometimes get so excited about seeing you after a long day apart that I find myself a little disappointed when you don't seem all that excited to see me.

So this afternoon it was quite refreshing to have you literally fall over with excitement when I walked through the door after work.

You were playing on the floor and when you saw me you smiled big, started jiber-jabbering and blowing me kisses and then tried crawling towards me. You were so pumped, you slipped on your way over because you were just trying to move too fast.

You were in a great mood all evening and had plenty of hugs and kisses for your mom and me.

We love everyday with you more.

- Dad